Development Consulting

Assistance for Developers - Planning and execution of all key elements of new retirement villages.

Sales and Marketing

Assistance for Developers – Appropriate sales and marketing for retirement developments.

Operations Consulting

Assistance for Owners and Operators – All aspects of modern, efficient retirement village operations.

Workshops and Training

Assistance for Prospective Retirees - Interactive workshops on retirement housing purchases

Assistance for Service Providers – Continuous personal development of staff servicing retirement villages.

Shire Retirement Properties (Pty) Ltd.

Shire is an Independent retirement property and services consultancy based in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The company focuses exclusively on providing a unique set of services to those interested in developing, operating, purchasing or optimising quality South African retirement properties.  Shire has the necessary experience and expertise in the design, marketing, sales and operation of these highly specialised properties, to provide you with the personalised service that you require.